Fall Back Into a Fitness Routine

Fall Back Into Fitness Challenge – 10 days

Lazy days of summer are almost gone and it is time for you to embrace the routine of FALL.  If you’ve taken any extended breaks from fitness over the summer it’s normal to feel lost about where to begin or to feel like you’ve taken a few steps back in your fitness journey but with achievable goals and a plan of action you will be fostering the healthy habit of working out instead of fueling the unhealthy habit of skipping workouts. Just a few tips on how to ease back in:

1. First step in getting back to a routine is to make a reasonable workout plan, starting with fewer workouts and adding more as you adjust to your schedule and your body reconditions itself to regular activity.

2. Second step is to write down your goals and steps you will take to achieve them. The body only adapts to the challenges it is presented with, therefore you must train according to your goals in order to see the results you desire.

3. The third step is to act! Once you’ve committed yourself to your workout plan, it is up to you to follow through and actually do it. A 1-on-1 personal training session or a small group session is an excellent motivator for most people because it’s a lot harder to talk yourself out of keeping a scheduled appointment than it is to talk yourself out of skipping your treadmill time. Missing workouts is detrimental to the habit of working out, both physically and mentally, because your body takes a couple step backs with every missed workout and your mind begins to lose self-confidence in your ability to follow through which strengthens the habit of not working out.

If you need that extra push, personal trainers are hired motivators! We don’t let you skip workouts (without consequence) or skip out on the exercises that you need. Plus we can help you plan and then achieve your goals! Beat the January rush and get started on your fitness goals now, you’ll thank me later!

Give this 10 day “Fall-Back-Into-Fitness” Challenge a try to get your workout mojo going!