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Fall Back Into a Fitness Routine

Fall Back Into Fitness Challenge – 10 days Lazy days of summer are almost gone and it is time for you to embrace the routine of FALL.  If you’ve taken any extended breaks from fitness over the summer it’s normal to feel lost about where to begin or to feel like you’ve taken a few steps… Read more »

Legs, Chest & Core Explosion Challenge

Long and leisurely’s got nothing on short and intense when it comes to caloric burn. If you are short on free time, go all out with a high-intensity workout; you only have a few minutes, so make them count. Increasing the weight of the dumbbells you lift, upping the incline, or doing supersets are just… Read more »

Benefits of CORE

In the world of fitness & wellness, there is a lot of hype about core strength. However, the benefits of having a strong core are often misunderstood. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that the term “core” is interchangeable for abs. While the abdominal muscles do make up a significant part of the… Read more »